Saturday, March 31, 2007


So I finally checked out Twitter and Twittervision.

For those even less aware than I am, Twitter is one of a number of 'microblogging' services. These services allow users to post extremely brief notes - typically 140 characters or less - that can be read by friends that are subscribed to the blog or the world at large. These messages can usually be read in a typical browser, via IM or even via SMS.

The messages usually range from the mundane ("Working on my blog and answering email") to the extremely mundane ("Eating lunch... thinking about having a nap").

I think these 'microblogs' perfectly define the current Web 2.0 generation. Here is a service that allows those that are sure enough of their own self importance to post all of their even most fleeting thoughts to the masses. In one shot it reinforces the blogger's own high opinion of themselves while serving to mock the blogger by allowing them to display their own banality.

Don't get me wrong - I think they're great. I think the beauty of these services is that they allow people to connect with each other without the 'weight' of letters, emails - or even blogs. The micro notes are provided with absolutely no context - none required. No fuss, no mess, and no commitment by the writer or the reader needed.

I think its easy to relate with this new mode of communication in the current world environment. Its easy for me to identify with the utter lack of importance of my actions/thoughts/opinions. However, it not only mocks my trivial existence... it also mocks the entire existing concept of media and communication. While most work exhaustively to increase the signal to noise ratio - twitter revels in the fact (reveals the fact?) that it's all noise.

Why am I so intrigued?

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