Thursday, April 19, 2007

My Must Have Mozilla Add Ons

With the recent release of Thunderbird 2.0 and the imminent release of Sunbird 0.5, I thought it was a good time to go through my list of must have Mozilla add-ons. Here they are in no particular order.


  1. Enigmail
    How can you live without the Enigmail? The answer is, you can't. GPG fully integrated into your email client c/w key management.

  2. Additional Folders View
    TB2 now ships with the ability to configure your view to see only Unread, Favorite or Recent Folders. This handy extension adds an additional view window so that you can keep your complete folder tree view AND have an unread folders view.

  3. Check and Send
    Ever sent an email and forgot to attach a file that you said you were attaching?? I hate it when I do that. This extension will pop up a confirmation dialog based on the criteria that is set. For example, if the words attach or attachment appear in an email I am sending and there is no file attached, I get a confirmation dialog.

  4. Correct Identity
    The tag line for this add-on is: "Ever sent mail from the wrong email address because you forgot to select the correct identity in the compose window?" Enough said....

  5. Remember Mismatched Domains
    Is your mail administrator too lazy to fix the mismatched domains on the server certificate?? Sick of clicking the OK button every time you open TB? Then this extension is for you. This extension tells TB to remember your choice for allowing certain mismatched domains. Unfortunately there is a BUG in the latest Linux versions of TB and Firefox which will cause issues when this add-on is used. Symptoms and details available here. Details on a workaround hack available here.
    Don't be discouraged by the bug, the workaround seems to be working fine... and this is a must have extension for me

    BUG UPDATE  This bug is fixed in version 1.4 of Remember Mismatched Domains available at the developer's website - here. Thanks for the update and the great extension Andrew!!

  6. Attachment Extractor
    The name says it all.


  1. Provider for Google Calendar
    You need the ability to automatically read and write events to your Google calendar. You really do. Now your calendar is always with you.

  2. Other Stuff
    I don't use any other extensions on Sunbird - but you'll really want to check out some of the public calendars available on Google calendars. Calendars ranging from Canadian holidays to phases of the moon are available to be added to your Google Calendars - or imported into Sunbird. On your Google Calendar page, click Manage Calendars -> Other Calendars


  1. All In One Mouse Gestures
    Why press a key or click a button when you can just flick the mouse??

  2. Google Browser Sync
    Syncs all of your settings, history and bookmarks between all of your Firefox installs.

  3. CSS Viewer
    Helps when building pages to find what CSS property is applied to a particular item.

  4. View Source Choice
    Adds settings so you can specify where to 'View Source' (current tab, new tab, new window, etc).

  5. RSS Editor
    A simple RSS editor if you happen to be creating your own feed.

  6. User Agent Switcher
    Still run into the occasional site that won't let me in because of my browser or browser version.

Comments? Other suggestions??


  1. The 1.4.x version of RMD should be good to go on Linux, no hacks required:


  2. Hey... sweet!

    Thanks for the update - I'll edit the post. Great work on the add-on.



  3. Very nice Todd, or should I call you "Googlezilla"? Or "Firefoogle"? Or "Mozoogle"?


  4. That's Mr. Googlezilla to you.... ;-)

    But seriously, Google and Mozilla are putting together a fairly impressive array of free tools. I think as more people find out about the ability of these apps - especially as Google apps enter the enterprise - M$ could be in a run for their money. The really cool thing is not having to wait for Mozilla or Google to create the missing pieces. With open api's and apps, and the ability to use addons, bit by bit the entire solution is coming together.