Thursday, March 8, 2007

I be Googlified

The closer I get... the more I wonder if this is where I want to be.

I've been looking for a browser/email/calendar sync solution for a long time. Lately, I'm starting to get very close...

The browser syncing is being taken care of using the fabulous Google Browser Sync add-in for Firefox. It takes care of all of the remote syncing of multiple Firefox installations - bookmarks, history, tabs/windows, saved passwords etc. All encrypted - all automatic. Nice!

The calendar aspect is coming together nicely too. I'm using the latest Sunbird 0.5 pre build with the (as of yet unreleased) Provider for Google Calendar. This sync's my local Sunbird installations with my Google Calendar. Again, all cross platform, all automatic - no muss, no fuss. And with Google calendar, I've got the ability to access the calendar from any browser. Again... Nice!

The Thunderbird contacts sync is currently at a standstill... but I'm pretty sure that Google again will be coming through with a add-in to sync to my Google contacts.

Starting to see a trend? Me too... Starting to get worried? Me too...

Should I be worried that my entire data life will be stored on Google servers? I'm not sure. The problem isn't going to get smaller, either. Google video, photos, calendar, email, etc etc etc - they will be storing it all for me. Google Life as some are calling it.

They tell me they aren't evil. However, I can't help thinking about good old Winston toiling away in the Ministry of Truth. When you control all the information - truth can be a matter of perspective. I can just imagine waking up one day to find that Google has done a global search and replace - and their motto is now (and has always been) "War Is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength"...

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