Wednesday, August 12, 2009

So, How Do You Write A Song Anyway?

Apparently not the way I used to write, and unfortunately, I'm not sure anymore.

While thinking about writing lately, I've been thinking about how I wrote in the past.  The lyrics were a mishmash of styles ranging from free association to focusing on a specific topic, to writing to existing music for a specific purpose.  I'm not sure I ever found a 'standard' method.  The music was almost always written with the help of, or entirely by others.  While there were two or three songs written almost entirely by me, I would say the vast majority of the musical writing was done by others with me adding tweaks and suggestions.

Which brings me to now.... how do I write songs now that I am not in a band where I can lean on others for help in the areas I lack?  Well, apparently I'm not the only person wondering, as a quick google search for "how to write a song" (with the quotes) returns about 59,000 entries.

Given the new direction of writing using loops, while I'm intrigued,  I'm not yet sold.  Further, while this would seem to be a good method for rhythm, beat, feel... it wouldn't seem suited for writing melody - the area I need the most assistance in.  Since I was only moderately passably talented on any particular instrument, I don't have a particular instrument I can turn to for melody.

Not particularly interested in solutions or options - just pushing the thoughts around my head.  I think since I didn't have a stable consistent method to begin with, I find myself now swimming.  Lots of thoughts, ideas with no concrete way to translate them into useful strings. Just thoughts.

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