Tuesday, December 9, 2008

OpenSuse Build Service

Thanks to a colleague, I've been introduced to the OpenSuse Build service - and let me tell you... it is _cool_. (Thanks SteveC!!)

Basically, it is a service that allows you to place the src rpms for your project onto their servers and have it built for any number of distributions / architectures.  So, for example, you can upload your src.rpm (in a cvs type manner - ci, co, etc etc), add build targets and away it goes, building your software on the desired platforms/architectures.  The architectures range from xUbuntu, RHEL4/5, CentOS5, Fedora 8/9/10, Debian Etch, SLES9, SLE10,. openSuse10.3/11/11.1.  Wow.

It's pretty cool too - basically it creates  you a xen virtual machine for development, with the requirements listed in your spec file and builds your software on it.  You can view the build logs as they are being generated to monitor build progress as it goes, or view them after the build to see the results etc.  It also provides a 'dashboard' type interface for keeping track of projects, build progress, status, etc.

Nicely, there is also a command line interface via the openSUSE (build service) commander or 'osc' program.

Great Tutorial Here:


My Notes Here:


Have fun...

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