OpenSuse Build Service Notes

Great tutorial here:

Below are just my notes - don't expect success ;-)

Get an  account at

A home:username project has already been created -  'Create Subproject' if you want subprojects

Install the osc command line client (available here: For example:

sudo rpm -ivh osc-0.112.5681S-1.1.i386.rpm

Create a local directory for your project files and 'cd' into it.

mkdir openbuild_projects
cd openbuild_projects

Checkout the project you want

osc co home:todd_zimmerman
cd home:todd_zimmerman

Import in the src rpm as required. Before doing so, if this is a public package, you may want to check if it already exists on the build service (search at  If it does, you can do an osc aggregatepac to have your project automatically source that build - else there is also the idea of 'linking' although I haven't yet investigated it.

To import src in src.rpm format:

osc importsrcpkg /tmp/ag/myproject.src.rpm
cd myproject
osc addremove
osc ci

Check-In's automatically request builds on the build service.  Else, you can retrigger the build request on either the web interface or via command line (osc rebuildpac <project> <package> [<repo> [<arch>]]

Check the build during or after the build via 'osc bl <platform><architecture>' For example:

osc bl openSUSE_11.0 i586

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