Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tick tick ticking in my head

Finally got my warranty replacement set of ZAGG Z.Bud earbuds (my first ones failed within a week) - and these ones are much nicer! Generally a great set of iPhone buds.

But that's not the point of this post...

A conversation occurred between Michelle and I that got me thinking. While trying out different earbuds for her she commented that she didn't like them because it sounded as if the music was right in her head. I didn't think much of it at the time and since I was still wearing the awful standard Apple iPhone buds, I wasn't experiencing the feeling at the time so didn't make any connection. Now, since receiving my Z.Bud's and re-experiencing the effect of good earbuds, I totally agree with her. It does in fact sound as if the music is originating in your head; however, contrary to Michelle's opinion, this is _exactly_ what I've always wanted.

This got me thinking (again... as usual) - why is this? Then, while listening to Metallica "Disposable Heroes" emnate from the centre of my brain it hit me...

My thought is this - the experience of having music occurring in your head is very similar to the experience of musicians. When playing music, this is very much the experience. Not only are you hearing the music you are producing externally, but you are also hearing the music you want to produce internally at the same time. That's why when you play in a band with others, it is so enjoyable. As the music you are hearing and producing coincides with your feelings and thoughts it becomes pure ecstasy. I think this is especially true when writing or improvising. Anyone that has jammed with friends know that magical moment when the tune comes into focus and external music matches internal music.

For me it's almost a relief sensation when everything - external, internal physical, mental - matches. The stress leaves.

I think you can probably expand this beyond just audio also. For example, for me the same feelings apply when writing in general. Sometimes the thoughts/feelings are knotted up in my brain and it is not until they are expressed externally by writing that I get that relief feeling. Further, the closer the external release matches the internal condition, the better the feeling. This is why music is so good as an expressive method since it connects with your inner feelings on so many more levels.

Need to feel that again.

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  1. So, Michelle commented that just because you don't like to wear tight fitting earbuds doesn't indicate you don't like music or don't experience music in the same way... and she is absolutely correct. As mentioned, this isn't about earbuds per se - that is just what lead me to start thinking about it. It's more about the feeling of having something in your mind that gets externalized.

    In fact, I'm sure many musicians and artists etc, don't even experience art the same way. Some see music as colours, some experience art as structure.

    This just happens to describe one of my feelings about music.