Wednesday, April 8, 2009


OK, so I just checked my content generation rate... and it's a little poor. 7 measly public posts in the last year. Well, I have an excuse... I've been busy!

Over the last year I've changed jobs, changed cities and completed my degree.

Last summer I started poking around for job possibilities at UBC Okanagan and was lucky enough to secure a great position within ITServices here in Kelowna. I'm continuing my work with WestGrid, but now working within Research Support at UBC Okanagan. It has been a great move for our family - much more quality time and much nearer to family.

Also, I finally took the time to finish my practicum. I'm now the proud owner of a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Systems With Distinction.

I'll be trying to keep up with a bit more posting as we get more and more settled here in Kelowna.

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